Laura Revy, Partner

Phone: 310-282-9423

Attorney Laura Revy is a partner at Aharonov & Revy Family Law with extensive experience practicing family law and helping clients navigate divorce, custody disputes, and other family matters. Some of Ms. Revy’s proudest accomplishments include long-term child custody cases. These cases tend to be particularly contentious and it is incredibly rewarding to assist in the process of improving a child’s quality of life and chances for success. Ms. Revy enjoys helping her clients achieve their goals.

Ms. Revy is able to relate to her clients because she experienced her parents’ contentious divorce as a young adult. She vividly remembers the emotions involved and her family’s vulnerability throughout the process. Ms. Revy strives to remain empathetic while still viewing issues in a family law case in an objective way that makes sense long-term.

As an Encino family lawyer, Ms. Revy is responsive to her clients’ needs. She is organized and thorough when identifying strategies and evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of each strategic option. With these traits, Ms. Revy has confidence knowing that her clients have everything they need to make fully informed decisions rather than emotional ones.